Fashion week in Delray Beach has come and gone, and if you read my last post, I was creating a few special pieces for the show.  Here are a few of the final products of what was just a thought coming to fruition.   The first "Versace" inspired fabric was a "fierce" look that is more for lounging at the pool in the South of France, than an actual suit- but hey what are statement pieces for?  The second  is rhinestone belted asymmetrical one sleeve "statement" piece.  A real looker.  Hmmmm whats up my sleeve for the next show?  As I was interviewed at the show, I explained the fact that my designs are always a surprise.  I never know what I'm coming up with next and you will just have to keep checking in on me!

Fashionably yours,

Stephanie G


Creating for fashion week

I have a few things up my sleeve for Delray Fashion week.  When I'm designing, i don't necessarily follow an;y trends,  I love creating trends.  In this pic I'm working on finishing and hand work.  You will just have to wait for the pics to see what I created.,  I'll give you a hint, its for the swimwear show.  Let fashion be an expression of who you are, don't worry what others think of you.  That's  the way I design and live my life!  Fashionably yours...


Our latest photo shoot in Miami Beach

It was a gorgeous day in Miami 6;00 am ready to shoot.  

Vincent From ONE REDLINE PHOTOGRAPHY got some beautiful shots

As a designer, I have so many ideas in my hard to contain them!  A client the other day asked where I get my inspiration- well look around, inspiration is everywhere.  I particularly love getting my inspiration from different fabrics...and as you can tell by my designs, I love funky prints!  I hope to bring many more fun, funky designs in 2015 to all of you loyal "OH MY BODIES"