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The woman behind OH MY BOD®

So, every business has a beginning...   


OH MY BOD didn't just "happen".  It was my love of fitness and fashion that came together organically, starting out of my bedroom back in the 90's (yes the 90's).


After graduating from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in accounting, I decided to chase after my love of fashion and return to school for fashion design in Miami.  While going to school, I started teaching fitness classes and designing my own fitness clothing. Working as a cutter for a designer, teaching classes and selling my clothing to local gyms, my clothing was a hit and I came up with the catchy name... With a lot of hard work, a little talent and the blessings from up above--the rest is history...


A New Direction

For the past 20 years, OH MY BOD® has been focused solely on creating beautiful, handmade clothing for women. Our clothing has been worn around the globe. We've outfitted thousands of fitness fans, graced the Grammy's Red Carpet and everything in-between.


As I, the owner and designer of OH MY BOD® recently turned a new chapter in my personal life (turning 50), I have come to the realization, that my company has been and is so much more than just clothing. We have laughed and cried with our clients, empowered and embraced all ages, body types, shapes and sizes. We are here not just to provide beautiful clothing, but to inspire and encourage women to be strong, beautiful and embrace aging with health, power and love..

We are now offering our clothing in more of a customized way.  Please call me for my latest designs as we are no longer in our retail locations.

Thank you, Thank you to all my loyal customers over the years!  Much love,

Stephanie Graniero Smith (owner, designer OH MY BOD)

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