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We Have a New Mission (And it's Sooo Good!)

It's time...

For the past 20 years, OH MY BOD® has been focused solely on creating beautiful, handmade clothing for women. Our clothing has been worn around the globe. We've outfitted thousands of fitness fans, graced the Grammy's Red Carpet and everything in-between.

As I, the owner and designer of OH MY BOD® recently turned a new chapter in my personal life (turning 50), I have come to the realization, that my company has been and is so much more than just clothing. We have laughed and cried with our clients, empowered and embraced all ages, body types, shapes and sizes. We are here not just to provide beautiful clothing, but to inspire and encourage women to be strong, beautiful and embrace aging with health, power and love..

The new direction of my company will be this;

1. A redesigned website filled with inspiring information about health, nutrition, women's issues, fashion, fitness and so much more.

2. Weekly blogs with current and relevant topics.

3. Recommended products which have been tested and adored.

4. Guest posts by some of the most inspiring women over 40+.

5. And of course the OH MY BOD® clothing line that you have come to love over the years.

Our new mission statement is as follows:

We Help Inspire Women to Embrace Aging

With Power, Health and Love...

If aging is inevitable, why not learn the most powerful ways to keep a healthy mind, attitude and body. Women who are aging should look at themselves in a new light with a deep understanding of who they are and be proud of what they have accomplished over the years. Aging shouldn't be frowned upon, but admired. The stories of triumph and failure, the experiences, the wisdom... these combined are what make each of us unique and magnificent.

over 50 photo shoot
Me, goofing off during a photo shoot.

I am excited and thrilled to see what the future holds for OH MY BOD®. Change is good and to grow, we must change!

"Today, you are the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you will ever be".

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